India’s Pragyanand missed out on creating history, defeated by World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen in the final of the Chess World Cup

The FIDE World Cup Chess Tournament 2023: The FIDE World Cup Chess Tournament is a prestigious event that brings together the best chess players worldwide to compete for the ultimate title. Pragyanand, representing India, had shown exceptional skill and determination throughout the tournament, making it to the final.

Facing Magnus Carlsen in the final was no easy task. Carlsen has been dominating the chess world for years and is known for his strategic brilliance and exceptional gameplay. Despite Pragyanand’s valiant efforts, Carlsen proved too formidable an opponent.

The FIDE World Cup Chess Tournament 2023
Chess is a rich game, dating back over a millennia. On alone, games have been played!

World number 1 chess player Magnus Carlsen of Norway won the title by defeating India’s Rameshbabu Pragyananda in both the tiebreak matches in the Chess World Cup. After both the matches of the final match between the two players ended in a draw, the result was decided through a tiebreak match.

India’s young grandmaster Pragyananda fell behind world number-1 player Carlsen in the second tiebreaker match of the Chess World Cup 2023. After this, the final score between the two was 1.5 for Carlsen and 0.5 for Pragyananda. In this match, the queens were changed after 18 moves, but Carlsen got the advantage.

In the tiebreaker match, both the players get 25-25 minutes. After each move, 10 seconds are added to the player’s time. If we talk about the first 2 matches of this final of the World Cup, the first game was played on 22 August. In this, Pragyananda played this match with white and Carlsen with black pieces, After 35 moves both the players joined hands and the match ended in a draw.

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The second match was a draw after 30 moves.

The FIDE World Cup Chess Tournament 2023

The second classical match between Pragyananda and Magnus Carlsen was played on 23 August. In this, Carlsen played with white pieces while Pragyananda played with black pieces. Even in this match, both the players did not show any kind of haste and in the end, this match also ended in a draw. After 30 moves, both the players ended the match by shaking hands. Pragyananda is the third youngest player in the final match of the Chess World Cup.

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