If this stock is in the portfolio then you will get splash returns! The company announced a dividend of ₹ 105 / sh, This stock is in the portfolio, and it will get a splash return!

Indian stock market news today: In today’s Indian stock market news, there is an exciting development for investors. A company has announced a dividend of ₹105 per share. This news is particularly significant for those who have this stock in their portfolio, as it indicates the potential for splash returns.

indian stock market news today

There are many opportunities to earn from the stock market. In this, by investing in shares, profits can be earned in the form of returns. Apart from this, companies listed in the market sometimes give investors an opportunity to earn additional profits. This includes actions like declaring dividends, buybacks,s, and stock splits. P&G Hygiene and Health, a company listed in the market, has given a big gift to its investors. The company recently presented its quarterly results. During the announcement of the results, the company informed that investors would get a dividend of Rs 105 per share.

₹ 105 per share will get a dividend

The company presented its quarterly results today. The company gave this information during the filing in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Under the quarterly results, the company also announced a bumper gift for the investors. If you also have shares in this company, then this news is for you.

The company released quarterly results

The company has declared a dividend of Rs 105 per share. Talking about the quarterly results, the company’s profit has increased from Rs 43 crore to Rs 151 crore. This is a year-after-year figure. Apart from this, the income of the company has increased from Rs 776 crore to Rs 853 crore. Operating profit increased from Rs 67 crore to Rs 215 crore and margin increased from 8.6 per cent to 25.2 per cent.

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How was the return of P&G Hygiene and Health?

If you look at the performance of the stock on the Bombay Stock Exchange, during today’s trading session, the company registered a jump of about 6 percent. In the last 1 month, the company has given a return of 4%. On the other hand, if we talk about the return of 1 year, the company has given a return of more than 16 percent and in 5 years, the stock of the company has given a return of more than 59 percent.

indian stock market news today
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It is important to note that investing in the stock market carries risks and potential rewards. Investors should always conduct thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions. Staying informed about current market news, such as dividend announcements, can be valuable in managing one’s portfolio effectively and maximizing potential returns.

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