The Top 10 Most Frequent Grammar Errors and How to Avoid Them

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Proper grammar is required when developing products, sharing information, emailing colleagues, or submitting a resume or cover letter. Clean and official writing, free of grammar errors, can serve to elevate the professionalism of the materials you generate.

In this article, we list 7 common grammar mistakes and provide examples to help you identify and fix them.

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Spelling a word wrong

When you type, it's easy to change a word or leave out a letter. When you finish a piece of writing, check your spelling by rereading your work or using a digital tool to help look for errors.

Choosing the wrong word

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Searching for the right word doesn't always mean you find it. You might choose a word that looks or sounds similar but doesn't have the same definition. For example, the word "loose" means something isn't tight, while "lose" means to misplace something.

Unnecessary comma

Commas are used to separate and group ideas. However, you may not need a comma even though there are multiple ideas in a sentence.

Commas in a series

When listing a series of things in a sentence, you need to separate the list items by commas. The last item in the list is correct with or without a comma because of the Oxford comma rule.

Unclear pronouns

Pronouns take the place of a noun in a sentence. If there are multiple subjects in a sentence, pronoun use can get confusing, so try to ensure it's clear who you're referring to when you use a pronoun.


You capitalize certain words every time you use them.