Monsoon Plants: Best Plants To Grow In Monsoons

The monsoon season produces bountiful foliage and pours new life into the environment. The plants begin to thrive and look their best. Let us inform you about three monsoon plants that will fill your home garden with flowers and foliage.


The flowering plant is native to India and comes in white, yellow, and pink colors and displays a spiral arrangement of petals.


One moment you are only able to see the buds of the flowers and the next morning you wake up, only to discover a bed full of delicate rain lilies gracing your outdoor or balcony garden


Hibiscus is the crowned jewel in any garden. It comes in an array of colors and adds a pop of glamour to any space that it is planted in. The Plant loves bright sunlight and is a perennial flowering plant.


These are one of the easiest to cultivate due to their wide adaptability. The plants with their attractive yellow-orange flowers bloom for long period.


A popular garden annual various in height from very dwarf to tall types. Flowers are of different forms and various colours such as Pink, Orange, white, Crimson, Purple, golden yellow etc.


Vinca or commonly known as the Periwinkle plant, is a popular genus in the steep hillsides. It has the ability to overtake an area and a creeping habit to climb the steep slopes.


Recognized by its iconic white-coloured flowers and the sweet, warm memories it evokes, this charming bloom is destined to grace your home with its presence.