Microsoft announces general availability of 'Copilot'

Microsoft has announced that Copilot (formerly Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise) is now generally available and no longer in preview. The company launched Copilot in preview in February. According to the company, Copilot provides access to the latest information with powerful AI models like GPT-4 and cited sources.

"When eligible users sign in with an eligible work or school account (Microsoft Intra ID), they receive commercial data protection at no additional cost," Microsoft said in a blogpost on Friday.

"Which means prompts and responses are not saved, Microsoft Access is not monitored, and the data is not used to train the underlying Large Language Model (LLM)."

The company noted that these terms include Microsoft's Customer Copyright Commitment (CCC), which enables customers to take advantage of Microsoft's CoPilot services without worrying about copyright claims.

Microsoft told customers of its AI Copilot services in September that if they were challenged on copyright grounds, the company would take responsibility for the potential legal risks involved.

Brad Smith, vice president and president of Microsoft, said some customers are concerned about the risk of IP infringement claims when using outputs produced by generative AI.

“The new commitment extends our existing intellectual property compensation support to commercial Copilot services and builds on our previous AI customer commitments,” he said.

Microsoft has announced that Copilot is now generally available.

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