indian foods list: Indian States and Their Food Items to Awaken your Taste Buds

 The amazing use of the various flavour of spices, herbs make these delicacies stand out.

Every state in India has its unique recipe; these regional dishes of different states of India have their own authenticity.

Matar Kulcha

This simple snack consists of a soft flatbread served with spiced white pea gravy

Kathi Rolls

Originally from Kolkata in the West Bengal state of India, kathi rolls began as a skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in paratha bread.

Chicken 65

The spicy, deep-fried chicken dish appeared on the menu of the Buhari Hotel in the state of Tamil Nadu.


These hearty dumplings are typically filled with minced meat or tofu with vegetables and served with spicy chutney or a clear noodle soup called thukpa.


many Indian curries for a deep, distinctive green provided by its signature ingredient: spinach.


Tandoori chicken is probably the most well-known dish of this style. It consists of chunks of chicken marinated in spiced yogurt and available in a variety of heat levels.

Medu Vada

This Indian food is soft on the inside with a crispy exterior and is generally eaten for breakfast or as a starter in South India, although it can be found across the country.

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