Today is National Hot dog Day, We Enjoy the day With Eating Hot Dog at Home with Different recipe and Styles. 

20 JULY 2022

American Style Hot Dogs

American style hot dogs are very tasty to eat. huge kind of toppings in American style hot dog also  with cheese and hard chilies

Mexican Style Hot Dogs

Mexican style hot dogs are very unique recipe and  awesome to eat. huge kind of toppings, sauces in Mexico style hot dog. Hard Cheese cooking

Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Chicago style hot dogs cooked with Yellow Mustard Sauce and all beef frankfurter. bright green relies, fresh chopped onion, red tomato.

Bacon Cheeseburger  Hot Dogs

bacon cheeseburger hot dogs are filing with huge quantity of cheese, bacon, yellow mustard, tomato ketchup, onions, green chilies etc.

Chinese Style Hot Dogs buns

Chines styles Hot dog buns are just like a bun made from cake flour heavy cream , bread, butter, instant yeast, milk

Japanese style  Hot Dogs

Japanese Style Hot Dog are made from soya sauce, bonito, sesame seeds, lemon, flakes, sweet rice tomato sauce etc.

Brazil Style Hot Dogs buns

Brazil Hot Dog are made from Hot Dog buns, sweet corn, tomato, potato stick, tomato ketchup, chilli ketchup

French style  Hot Dogs

French hot dogs are awesome in taste, made with cream cheese, hot dog, herbes de provence, basil pesto, French sauce, ketchups

Italian Style Hot Dogs 

Italian hot dogs are made from, hot dogs, muffuletta, green bell paper, red bell paper, olive oil, mustard, sandwich etc.

Thai style Hot Dogs

Thai style hot dogs look very awesome  made with papaya salad, hot dog buns, green chilies, cheese, mustard sauce, tomato sauce etc.


20 JULY 2022

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