10 plants that can bring good luck to your house

Plants are viewed as our old buddies for some reasons. One, they are an extraordinary wellspring of oxygen and second, they decrease the poisons from the air, including benzaldehyde and formaldehyde.

 Jade Plant

It brings family amicability and wellbeing when kept in East areas At the point when kept in the West course, it brings imagination and youngsters karma. In southeast areas, it brings abundance.

Money Plant

Money Plant is one of the most popular plants found in Indian and Chinese households. This plant is said to repel the negative energy and attract wealth.

Lucky Bamboo

 Lucky Bamboo brings luck to those who take care of it. In Chinese and Asian culture, this plant is one of the most common gifts for housewarming events.

Tulsi Plant (Basil)

As per Vastu, Tulsi plants ought to be put in the North, North-East or East course to bring energy and great wellbeing. One shouldn't put Tulsi in that frame of mind of their home as it can cause misfortune.

 Lotus Plant

This plant stands for strength, morality and purity. In Hindu culture, Lotus flowers are associated with the Goddess of Wealth - Lakshmi and hence is worshipped widely.

Areca Palm Plant 

Areca Palm is yet another lucky plant that comes in various sizes. They are best known as the Yellow Butterfly and one of the best plants to add to the decor of your house.

 Aloe vera - Succulent Plant

These succulent plants are one of the most beneficial plants for your skin, hair, and health. It has thick spiky leaves which taper at the end.